Our Pledge

At IPOS we recognise that we all need to make a proactive difference to the impact that we have on our planet. We believe that this does not happen on its own, and making conscious decisions every day, will help us to positively change our impact on the environment.

We acknowledge that we cannot change everything now but if we start today and continue to work towards realistic goals, we can make a difference.

For this reason we set up our sustainability department who have been tasked with developing and implementing short, medium, and long-term environmental and sustainability objectives and goals. Our 5 branches of focus are:

Energy Reduction

Education and Training

Recycling and Reusing

Managing Our Carbon Footprint

Reduction of Waste Produced

Responsibly Sourced Materials

From these 5 branches we have specified the following areas where we can make an impact. These are:

• Understanding the issues affecting the environment and sustainability
• Addressing our own behaviours
• Working with our clients to provide solutions that meet both theirs and our environmental objectives
• Working with our suppliers to encourage the adoption or more environmentally sustainable objectives
• Seeking out collaborative relationships that we can share ideas and learnings from

Sustainably Focused Projects


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