Sustainability Statement

The IPOS team have recognised that they want to make a more proactive difference to the impact IPOS have on people, the company’s surroundings, and the wider environment. We believe that this does not happen on its own, and making conscious decisions every day, will help us to positively change our impact on the environment.

We acknowledge that we cannot change everything now but if we start today and continue to work towards some realistic goals, we can make a difference.

The areas we are working towards making an impact are:

• Understanding the issues affecting the environment and sustainability
• Addressing our own behaviours
• Working with our clients to provide solutions that meet both theirs and our environmental objectives
• Working with our suppliers to encourage the adoption or more environmentally sustainable objectives
• Seeking out collaborative relationships that we can share ideas and learnings from

In 2021, we will do the following:

  • Set up a sustainability group that will be resourced and supported by the senior management team. The group will be tasked with developing and implementing short, medium, and long-term environmental and sustainability objectives and goals.
  • This will encompass:
    • Energy reduction
    • Control of the disposal of any material to increase recyclable options or multiple life cycles
    • Waste reduction
    • Identifying product and material options that provide choices for our clients to choose the best environmental, sustainable and footprint alternatives for them
    • Removing single waste materials and identifying alternatives
    • Collaborating with clients, suppliers, and other external sources
    • Education and training
    • Gaining transparency of our supply chains relating to carbon footprint, social responsibility
    • Continuing to ensure all regulations are understood and followed by IPOS and all of its stakeholders

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