Project Management Services


Project management services enable you to hand over the problem to someone else and focus on more important areas of your role.
Our in-house design and creative team will effectively oversee the production of your campaigns. The purpose of a great project management service is to identify the optimal direction for your creative marketing campaign, taking into account the message you want to present and to visually deliver that message to your target audience.

The Project Management team are highly qualified to help clients develop their ideas into fully realised projects and marketing campaigns.

We currently have three sub-services regarding project management:

Client Relationships

Good project management ensures your campaign strategy and projects are tailored to your consumer-objectives and delivered on time.

Both our in-house design and project management team work closely with clients to ensure we capture every aspect of your campaigns and deliver them to your expectations.



 An effective Project Management service will oversee all aspects of a given job for a brand.

All we need from you is a base idea of what you want to create, and IPOS will manage the process of a visual campaign from conception all the way through to production and final installation.


Installation and De-rig

An important element of a campaign can be installation and De-rig. The IPOS project management team can take the hassle of this off your desk and oversee this important part of the campaign on your behalf.

With over 16 years of experience to effectively install and remove any campaign. 


Our Project Management Consultancy Team

Our project management team aims to offer an exceptional and easily-understood strategy for your brand. 

Our project management service works alongside our in-house design and creative teams.


For common questions, please look below. 

What will your team do in terms of project management?

As highlighted above, the project management team is here to create a strategy (to carefully plan your campaign) and offer consultancy services for you and your brand. The strategy will be discussed and agreed upon with the project management team, who will then be responsible for managing the design, production, implementation, installation and de-rig on your behalf. If you’ve tried to do this yourself, you’ll know it’s not easy to do well!

Will clients still have a say in what marketing campaigns can be produced?

Yes! IPOS will simply provide you with suggestions and options on which creative direction you should take to fully maximise your idea to its fullest potential.

What are some examples of project management work that IPOS has done?

We have helped create a variety of projects worldwide. An example of one of our projects that used our project management service is our “sell you soles” campaign which allowed us to fully explore the possibilities that the client’s idea originally aimed to do. 

The result was a successful project that met the objectives of the client for donated, unwanted shoes to be returned via the stores, cleaned and resold.

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