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Connections Marketing Campaign

Establishing an ownable position in the air-space industry through branding and marketing was the aim for this startup airline in 2022.

IPOS discovered the best approach for the brands goals was to focus on the “people-first” mantra at the heart of the business. And with its plans to create affordable flights that are accessible to all, whilst also striving for links to nature and humour, there was clear demographic that the marketing needed to attract in order build brand awareness.

The “Connections” marketing campaign explores the reasons why we as humans are excited by air travel and the motivations behind the trust that is built with selected airlines.

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Say hello to the Norseman family.

A family of Nordic explorers that are on the hunt for the best way to travel.
As they explore new worlds they are confronted with new cultures, experiences and the latest technology that our world has to offer.

Their primitive thinking and cumbersome actions make way for comical moments that bring joy to the customer.

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