No matter the size or reach of your campaign and business, IPOS can make you look great by managing the production on your behalf.
We work on many types of projects across different industries, conveying different messaging in a fun and creative ways while appealing to your target audience and covering any gaps in the market. 

Clients trust IPOS to do the work for them, and you can too. Our talented team is trained in many production techniques and is always developing knowledge of the newest and most effective production methods. 

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There is a wide range of production methods to utilise to perfectly suit your idea or campaign. Additionally,  Digital and Retail Design services, provide a total campaign solution. 3D Visualization creates photo-real renders so that you can view what your products may look like and make any necessary adjustments. Our specially trained design team can provide Motion Design work, which covers any animation or video content. The Art-work team plays an important role in supplementing the creative services offered.

How we Produce Ideas

Ideas matter!  Your initial ideas inform the design and production schemes to ensure that it meets your expectations and appeal to your target audience.  This is achieved by taking the research process very seriously and working closely with clients before taking the ideas process into the studio.

Once we gained a full understanding and, have a brief laid out and have completed the research process, it is time to design. The specialist creative team get to work on the innovative ideas you are looking for.  Sketches and designs are laid out,  taking into account logistical factors, including materials, production, and costs before going any further.

Once both IPOS and the client is satisfied with the concepts, we hand it over to our production team who will set about producing prototypes, visuals, and representations before putting all of our work into action. The results that follow are the reason why we are trusted by globally known brands such as Under Armour and Lacoste.

Your Idea, Your Choice


Our production services aim to provide you with the stability and visibility that you need for your projects or campaigns. 

Our specially trained production and project management team is great at ensuring that all our clients are happy with the direction of the projects through the use of creative and innovative thinking. Do you want to be recognized? Get in touch with IPOS today. 

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