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It doesn’t matter how big your project or campaign is, if you need help delivering a message or idea, we are right here to help you. After working on over 530 projects in 2020, creating over 45 brand partnerships, and being trusted by 13 of the biggest brands in the world, including Vans and Lacoste, we have more than enough experience in our field of expertise. 

We understand that the production industry is changing every day as technology continues to develop rapidly, but so are we! Our specialist creative teams are always looking for the newest angles and ideas in order to ensure that all our clients are offered the best possible service in order to help campaigns grow and blossom in the ways needed, IPOS are here for you.

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Installation and De-rig

If you’re setting up a new display or presentation, our services are perfect for you. We have helped with the creation of numerous fantastic exhibitions and ranges, from design to physical production, whatever services you require we can assist you. 

We work on not only the design factors with our creative teams, but we can also offer assistance with the physical production process as well, we can help your business bloom, by bringing any campaign or idea to life. We have specialist teams who concentrate solely on producing new presentations and displays. Once our visions and ideas are approved by you, we will waste no time starting production and have physical stands and exhibitions produced to perfectly fit your needs, these products will be installed by us, and once the message or campaign has been delivered, we will take them down as well. 

How we Install and De-rig

We have effectively provided Installation & De-Rig services for a client, Klarna, recently when helping with one of their recent campaigns which involved us creating stands and displays for the company.

Klarna required us to create window displays that would raise awareness for the financial services that the company offers. Once our creative team got in the studio the ideas immediately began rolling in for how we would achieve the goal set by our client. Klarna gave us lots of freedom, but good communication was maintained throughout as the ideas were brainstormed. Our ideas were then put into reality with physical presentations being created and set up in the stores, our services were greatly appreciated by the client and definitely achieved what was set out in the brief, going above and beyond their expectations. 

Your Idea, Your Choice


Our Installation and De-Rig services are the perfect way to make being seen easy for you. Not only can we design your content for you, but we can produce and set up presentations, displays, or exhibitions, and then take them down again once the message has been delivered. 

Our specially trained team is great at what they do, ensuring that all our clients are happy with the direction of the projects through the use of creative and innovative thinking. Do you want to be recognised? Get in touch with IPOS today.

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