At IPOS, we incorporate past research studies that look at human behaviour in the process of our creation.
We have found that using the behavioural science-led theory in our creative approach, our design team at IPOS is able to better understand how your audience will react to the ideas you bring to us.

Due to the past successes of highlighting creative ideas alongside the behavioural science-led theory (By Daniel Kahneman), our behavioural science service was born.

With this service, we aim to connect any idea with the people you with to attract, be it a website, a logo or whatever design feature you want to incorporate into your business.

Think you have an idea that can trigger the audience’s emotions?


What is Behaviour Science?

Behavioural science refers to the study of how the general public makes decisions. 

Did you know that people are faced with more than 30,000 choices each day? From advertising to what to have for lunch. This is an overwhelming situation that we can provide assistance in, which is why we incorporate the basic principles of behavioural science into all of our creative strategies. 

Unfamiliar with some of the concepts of behavioural science? At IPOS, we currently look into and implement the following: 

  • Motivation/Quick Impressions: How can we make your idea be a motivating factor or a quick impression to sell what you sell? 
  • Differentiation: Is your creative strategy or business considered a new or innovative way to sell your product? If not, how can we make it so they are distinctive? 
  • Trends: Is your idea trendy? 
  • Emotional/Intentional: Does your idea cater to certain emotions/make your audience feel certain things? 


What are the Benefits of using Behaviour Science?

IPOS utilises behavioural science because of its effectiveness, and its many benefits also play a part in designing a creative component for your brand.

These benefits include: 

  • Reliable application through 130 years of studies within behavioural science.
  • An advantage over business competitors (this type of insight is unlikely used by the majority of businesses – making behavioural science a unique implementation for any strategy). 
  • Easily testable in any environment. 

Your Idea, Your Choice

This service aims to funnel your idea into a workable concept that can target your audience easily. However, as with our other services, this idea aims to simply provide suggestions. 

Are you interested in Behavioural Science? If you have a particularly creative idea you want some opinions on to make it better, call us today using the button below. 

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