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Having a good idea is the first part of the process in starting a campaign, the idea can then be elaborated on in many ways, whilst it goes through all the changes and protocols needed to develop into the amazing project it can be.

This is where IPOS comes in. 

Our 3D Visualization services are a perfect part of the process, allowing you, the client, to have a physical representation of what your product or idea could look like. The benefit is that you can learn a lot before deciding on which way to take the project forward. Our friendly team is always on hand to guide and advise. If you have any queries please get in touch with us today!

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Our 3D Visualisation Service

IPOS ensures that your idea reaches the next stage, no matter how big or small the project may be. No matter the company, no matter the message, our creative team of trained professionals are ready to assist you.

Providing you with a 3D representation of any product or idea is an amazing way to help you see future changes and appreciate your work so far. It’s essential for you to be able to work out which direction a project needs to go and a 3D visualisation is perfect for determining the evolution of an idea.

How Ideas are Transformed into 3D

To begin with, the IPOS team analyses and collects data on any potential competitors and target markets in order to identify ideas to suit the consumer’s needs and gaps in the market. Once the concept gains traction, sketches will be created with major factors such as materials, production and cost being taken into account before the 3D Visualisation is developed. Once we are happy with the idea and are ready to see it rendered in 3D, our in-house team will refine the visuals and really bring the product to life with photo-real renderings. 

IPOS Design 3D Visual schuh MTO Sketch 1 - Creative Agency for Retail Brands - IPOS Creative AgencyIPOS Design 3D Visual schuh MTO Sketch - Creative Agency for Retail Brands - IPOS Creative Agency

Your Idea, Your Choice


3D Visualization aims to provide you with the most accurate representation of how a product may appear so that you can make future decisions and track the progress on whatever projects or campaigns you are running. 

High-quality 3D renders are a great way to view an accurate representation of your future product and test an idea before any big decisions are made. Do you want to be recognised? Get in touch with IPOS today. 

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