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IPOS uses behavioural sciences to inform and guide our choices when building compelling creative campaigns that convert. Consideration is given to demographics and psychographics, generational differences, economic drivers and emotional resonance. Each distinct audience type requires a different approach for brand stories to resonate.

Behavioural sciences lead to a greater understanding of the audience, which defines the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of your campaigns. This is a standard offering within all IPOS creative campaigns, which can be supplemented with standalone audience studies using behavioural science techniques.

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What are Behavioural Sciences?

Behavioural sciences are the study of what motivates the public when making decisions. In the context of brand campaigns, it is the study of what motivates potential customers to complete a desired action.

We are faced with over 30,000 choices each day. Our subconscious processes these decisions without us being aware of the external stimuli influencing us. Behavioural sciences are employed by brands to promote positive decisions in the subconscious mind.

When using behavioural sciences in creative campaigns and brand strategies, the following principles are considered:


What will motivate people to engage and convert with your brand campaign?


How will your brand campaign stand out in a crowded field?


How will your brand campaign feel relevant to the current consumer trends?

Emotional Intent

What emotions do you want to elicit in your target customer? How will your brand campaign link emotion with intent?

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What are the Benefits of using Behavioural Science?

IPOS focuses on the why before the how when crafting creative campaigns and brand strategies. Our mantra is ‘story with purpose’. Behavioural sciences are the guiding principles behind the decisions we make when crafting campaigns.

Knowing and understanding your target audience is essential if you want them to make specific choices or carry out specific actions. Behavioural sciences tell us how to motivate and promote choices.

Behavioural sciences are well established in academia and have been a point of study for over a hundred years. Brands have been employing behavioural sciences seriously for over 50 years, however, using these techniques to deliver campaigns, engagement, and product activation can further improve the likelihood of a brand achieving their goals.

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