Brand Strategy

What is a brand? How is it experienced? These are fundamental questions we find the answers to.

We work with brands at every stage – from those that are well defined to those that are developing or just starting out. Whatever stage your brand is at, our strategic approach to defining brand identities ensures that we devise campaigns that reach the right audience.

Infinite Story. Unlimited Creative.

Our Approach

What is a brand strategy? To most it’s a set of understandings – about the identity, style and tone of the brand, through to their commercial landscape, objectives and target audience – and while it’s all of that to us, fundamentally we see brand strategies as stories in search of purpose. We use a mix of data and experience to bring that purpose to the brand story.

It Starts with Why

Before we can tell you the how of a campaign, we first need to understand and define the why. What are you trying to achieve with your campaign? Who do you want your campaign to reach? What do you want that audience to do? Why will they do it? We don’t expect you to have the answers to these questions – that’s what we do. Once we’ve answered these questions, we have the foundations needed to tell a compelling story.

Understanding Your Audience

At the heart of every brand strategy is our unique data-driven understanding of audiences. We look at demographics and psychographics, generational differences, economic drivers and emotional resonance. Each distinct audience type requires a different approach in order for brand stories to resonate. Our partner brands work with us because our unique insights into audience motivation leads to higher engagement and conversion across the life of the campaign.

Stories with Purpose

Once we have the why and the who, we strategise and conceptualise the how. From in-store retail activations, high street window campaigns, digital and VR, we have a broad range of techniques to energise your audience and deliver the results you’re looking for. Every brand strategy we devise is a story with a purpose – whether it’s driving more footfall, increasing dwell time or digital engagement, or driving retail sales, we have the experience and skill to drive results.

Next Steps

An IPOS brand strategy is a bible for a successful campaign. Some of our partner brands prefer working with different agencies for each stage, and we’re happy to work with preferred partners to oversee the successful execution of our strategies. IPOS also offers a full-service approach and this is how the majority of our partner brands prefer to work with us, allowing us to execute the delivery of the brand strategy piece. Using a mix of in-house talent and trusted delivery partners, we can handle the delivery of creative campaigns end-to-end

Other Services

An IPOS brand strategy is a bible designed to be executed into a creative campaign, containing actionable data on audience, techniques and channels. Learn more about each service if you’re looking for more than a brand strategy:

IPOS creative campaigns

Creative Campaigns

Full creative campaigns from story to store

IPOS visual services

Visual Services

Bringing stories to life with unmatched visuals

IPOS behavioural sciences

Behavioural Sciences

Understanding audience motivations


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