Creative Services


At IPOS, we create effective designs that reflect the value and principles of our client’s brands.
The purpose for our creative agency in Greater Manchester is to highlight the overall message our clients want to convey to their customers and illustrate that message through creative means. 

We create marketing campaigns around the globe, helping to connect you to your audience.

Here are some of our creative services:

Campaign Creation

What is your big idea?
Our in-house design team can bring it to life.


Concept Development & Strategy

IPOS can help develop ideas and transform concepts into impactful interactive design that audiences identify with.



Need images to support a campaign?
IPOS produces impactful photography that brings design concepts to life.


Behavioural Science

Using behavioural science theory to draw on emotion and logic to produce creative campaigns and projects that capture audience attraction.


In-house Creative Team

Our agency delivers exceptional creative services for global brands through our in-house design team.
Each designer provides years of best practice and professional experience.

In addition to our creative services, we also provide focused design services  and project management options for brands.


For common questions, please look below. 

What is the difference between creative and design?

Both refer to the development of ideas. However, creative focuses on the strategy and creative direction of a developing campaign, whereas design focuses solely on the visual aspects and problem solving of a project.

What can we offer for your business or project?

We offer a wide variety of services that can solve any creative problems or requirements. Are you in need of an in-house design agency that specialises in creative solutions? Take a look at our services above. 

Our design team offers creative art-working, design, 3D and creative solutions for global brands and retailers, while our project management team offers clients a working relationship and support that makes them look good.

Can I see examples of your work?

Yes! We showcase our projects with permission from our clients. Our recent work presents a variety of our work that combines different aspects of our services. Clients such as  FILA and VANS can be found on our projects page.

What is the most important aspect of working with your clients?

The most important aspect of our work is understanding the needs of our clients. Most, if not all of our clients want to increase engagement with their consumers that leads to action. We accentuate messaging through creative design, so understanding this element allows our design and creativity to be focused and targeted for each client we work with.

Are your services environmentally friendly?

What is your priority…? Sustainability? Recyclability? Lifetime Use? Carbon Footprint? Energy Use? Our design teams can make design decisions to help you achieve your environmental objectives. We are also working towards making an impact on the wider environment, making decisions that will help us reduce our impact on the environment and be more sustainable too. We have identified some goals regarding sustainability, which you can read by clicking here.

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