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IPOS is a creative agency with a passion for purposeful storytelling, specialising in creating brand strategies that engage and convert audiences. With a team of experienced professionals based in the North West of England, we have a wealth of knowledge and skills including campaign creation and management, brand strategy creation, and visual services that bring stories to life. Our campaigns are born in Stockport but come to life throughout the UK and Europe.

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We offer a full-service solution for our clients starting with creative campaign creation and management, and can help you to develop and execute campaigns that capture the attention of your target audience and drive conversions. Whether you’re launching a new product or service, rebranding, or running a promotional campaign, we can help you create a campaign that stands out and delivers results.

Our brand strategy creation services are designed to help you create a strong and cohesive brand identity that resonates with your target audience. We take a holistic approach to brand strategy development, from research and insights to creative concepting and execution, to ensure that your brand is well positioned to achieve your business goals.

For 17 years and counting, our clients tell us we have been delivering outstanding results for them by infusing brand communication with meaningful experiences that resonate with audiences. We understand that a great brand strategy is more than just a pretty design or a catchy tagline – it’s about understanding your target audience, their needs, and how to communicate your brand’s value proposition in a way that resonates with them. We pride ourselves on building deep relationships with brands that share our core values and need our creative approach.

Are you ready to ask deep questions aimed at identifying purpose and why? Not everyone finds this process easy, but the results speak for themselves. Come meet our amazing team at our Stockport studio, or have us bring the portfolio to you, over a nice cup of tea and biscuits. Together we can take your brand’s story to the next level. Email or call us today to start a conversation about your brand’s potential.

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We are a proud Supporter of the Greater Manchester Good Employment Charter.
Committed to making a difference in our employees’ lives by elevating employment standards in the key characteristics covered in the Charter: secure work, flexible work, real living wage, excellent people management, workplace engagement and voice, excellent recruitment and progression, and a healthy and productive workplace.

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